Sabtu, 11 April 2009

Strength Training For Kids - How to Either Keep Your Kid in Shape Or Keep Your Kid From Getting Fat!

By : Brandon Richey

Well, it is no secret that epidemics such as childhood obesity and youth onset diabetes are a problem this day and age with today's youth. Kids spend more time in front of the X Box, the Playstation, and the Wii than doing anything constructive that will benefit them.

To me this is a major problem. I would blame a lot of parents for not taking a more proactive approach in trying to discipline their children to workout and be more active individuals. Now most people say I am being a little over the top when I mention the words discipline, kids, and workout all in the same sentence. Well, lets look at this logically. For one, when I was growing up me and my friends never had to be told to go out and play. As a matter of fact, we frequently asked permission to do so. Also, with many kids taking the TIME and LIBERTY to play their favorite video games the numbers show that they are certainly not doing anything positive with their health when you compare numbers on kids from about 10 years ago.

The bottom line is that there has been a change in lifestyle. As a professional I would strongly suggest that you enroll your child in a highly effective strength training program. Now when I say strength training don't assume I mean weightlifting. There is a difference. Kids can gain tremendous fitness and strength through properly manipulating and utilizing their own body-weight. With an effective strength training program a child promotes stronger muscles, stronger bones, promotes fat-loss, and lays the foundation for being a healthy and fit adult later on in life.

If you do decide to take this approach I would highly recommend hiring a professional. There are many things you can do as a parent to ensure that your child stays healthy. Aside from implementing and getting them involved in a strength and conditioning program you can enroll them into some sort of recreational sport or activity. Many of these sports include some level of strength training that is more beneficial for your child than the X Box!

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I'm Brandon Richey the Strength and Conditioning Pro!

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Senin, 06 April 2009

What Are the Top 4 Food Items That Will Keep Your Heart in Tip-Top Shape?

By : Thomas B. Chuong

If there's one disease which is considered to be the number one killer in the US, that is none other than heart disease. When you combine together the fact that a lot of people are leading a sedentary lifestyle and that they are hardly exerting an effort to have a healthy diet, it is no wonder why the traitorous disease involving heart attacks and strokes have become a major health scare in the nation.

So what are you supposed to do to counteract this effect? Basically you do need to learn as much as you can about the risk factors, causes and how heart disease can be prevented. Perhaps the best way to start learning about these things is to enumerate the top 4 food items that will help keep your heart in tip-top shape.

1. Eggs

Contrary to popular belief, including a healthy number of eggs in your weekly diet is not bad for your heart at all. There is actually a difference between the cholesterol contained in the foods that you eat and the cholesterol level in your blood.

There's a study released by the British Medical Journal which showed that eating one egg everyday for an entire week, when combined with a low-fat and high-fiber diet, is a good diet which actually helped fight off fat and maintain a good level of cholesterol in the blood.

2. Onions

The next time that you prepare your salad, make sure to put a lot of raw onion slices in it. Just like garlic, onions are found to contain compounds which help prevent blood clotting. These two kitchen staples also improve a person's cholesterol levels and helps lower blood pressure.

3. Fish and fish oil

If you've ever seen an advertisement for a tuna product, you might remember seeing the term Omega-3 - which is considered to be a healthy fatty acid which benefits the heart. This is something that can be found in fish and fish oils. In addition to maintaining the health of your heart, fish and fish oils also help prevent blood clotting.

4. Foods rich in fiber

Fiber is a good absorber of cholesterol and it's a great way to improve the health of your heart. So you need to include a lot of oats, chickpeas, legumes and grapefruit on your diet.

Remember that your heart is one of the most important parts of your body that you should never take for granted. The next time that you go grocery shopping, include these top 4 foods in your shopping cart to ensure that you will have a happy, healthy heart.

Thomas B. Chuong is currently writing about topics related to home improvement & decor, personal fitness, and home & garden. Find out more by visiting these sites Futon, and Trampoline.

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Rabu, 01 April 2009

How to Fix Common Beauty Blunders in a Flash

By : Brent McNutt

A lot of women get stressed out and lose their cool confidence in the face of beauty blunders which can otherwise be fixed if they only knew a few beauty tricks. Below are some of the most common beauty blunders that can be fixed in no time without the need for a beauty professional in landau scrubs.

Mascara mess

Long lashes are seductive so the tendency for a lot of women is to wear tons of them, which is a mistake. Wearing too much mascara is a big beauty blunder; it tends to clump and make it uncomfortable, not to mention unsightly. Badly applied mascara is also notorious for smearing and making you look as if you just woke up straight from a wild night out party, or that you just had an emotional breakdown and have been crying all day, or that you are a slob. In any case, it makes your appearance look cluttered. Assuming this is not your intention, you can easily fix this common beauty mistake by making sure that your mascara is fairly new (old ones tend to dry up and clump inside). Apply one coat of mascara at a time. Let it dry completely before adding another layer of mascara. Use an eyelash comb to get the clumps out if any. Opt for quick-dry and waterproof mascaras.

Eyeliner disorder

Applying eyeliner can be a bit tricky and can take some getting used to. Choosing an eyeliner that does not smear, stays in place for hours, and has a precise brush (if it is a liquid liner) are all important. For those new to applying eyeliners or still haven't gotten the hang of it, it is better to use a pencil rather than a liquid liner because it is easier to apply. Apply the liner on your upper lid, outlining the edges of your lid as precisely and evenly as possible. On the lower lid, outline the outer corner for a dramatic effect. Don't apply it all the way to the inner part if you don't want to look too dark or gothic.

Complexion chaos

A lot of women envy the clear and flawless complexion of the faces in beauty magazines. While these images are mostly air-brushed in computers and almost impossible to create naturally, their makeup does most of the job in making their face appear flawless. Using concealer and foundation can go a long way to giving you a bright and beautiful complexion akin to celebrities and models. The important thing is to choosing the right shade. A beauty or makeup specialist can easily help you in choosing the right shade for your skin. After washing, toning and moisturizing, use a concealer over blemishes and dark spots on your skin. Blend them in until they are unnoticeable. Dot liquid foundation on points in your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin (as if you were putting in moisturizer) and dab and blend until it looks natural. Make sure that your neck and face are the same shade. Use foundation on your neck as well when necessary.

Brent McNutt enjoys talking about landau scrubs and urbane scrubs and networking with healthcare professionals online.

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What Are the Best Acne Treatments For You?

By : Lewis Stonham

Acne is a problem that plagues most of us through our teenage years. In some cases, it continues to be a problem into adulthood. Severe acne can actually leave very unsightly scars in the skin of the face, neck, and around the shoulder area. An outbreak of acne can interfere with having an active social life and dating, as well as possibly leading to a skin infection. So, the question on most teens' and some adults' minds is "What are the best acne treatments?"

The answer is not a simple list of products. There are different skin types that range from oily to dry. Often we may have what is known as combination skin, meaning that part is oily, and part is dry. There may even be some normal skin in the mix. It is important to know what sort of skin you have so that you can choose the proper topical solution.

Some are alcohol based. These evaporate quickly and dry the skin, therefore they can make dry skin worse. There are lotions and creams that are somewhat greasy and could add to the problem of oily skin. Sometimes, it can be confusing trying to decide which is needed because of differences in skin.

The best acne treatments are those that control and balance the production of sebum (the skin's natural oil), kill bacteria, and remove dry, dead skin cells. There are some oral medications that can be prescribed by a doctor that contain a substance known as retin-A. Some dietary supplements can be purchased without a prescription that contain the same ingredient.

There are literally hundreds of different brands of topical acne medications that are applied directly to the skin. The active ingredients vary somewhat, but the best contain a combination of ingredients to take care of the different oils and bacteria that can cause an outbreak of acne. Many even contain essential oils that have an antibiotic effect on the skin.

To find out more about the best acne treatments

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Make Sure You Get Rid of Acne Permanently - The Key to Getting Rid of Acne Fast!

By : Grant Dougan

Eliminating acne is a task that many people consider to be outright impossible - numerous people have tried numerous products that didn't do anything. It's no mystery, having acne is a giant nuisance! However, you need to understand that it's totally possible to eliminate acne once you realize how to effectively treat it.

Let's look at the reasons that most acne products don't give you results.

Most treatments are formulated to just treat existing zits instead of preventing and actually attacking the causes of acne - this is a big problem!. These products don't truly address the problem, they merely try to get rid of one zit at a time after they are already on your skin.

Here's the issue! There's just no point in treating one pimple without doing a thing to prevent new outbreaks! This is a big annoyance of mine and I notice many people wasting their cash for this reason.

You must use a treatment that treats all of the elements that cause acne if you want to clear your skin. To get rid of your pimples, you have to treat all of the following - specific acne causing bacteria, skin inflammation, clogged skin pores and excess oil on your skin.

And it's entirely feasible. You won't find many useful selections in the stores, you will find acne treatment systems that are formulated to touch on all of the causes of acne. You will notice that these work as a system and typically involve a couple of steps to ensure you're fighting the causes appropriately.

Once you use a product that truly treats the factors that cause acne, you will notice improvements in just a week or so. It's a fantastic feeling being able to look at yourself and seeing the improvements.

Don't give up if you have used products before that never worked! You are going to eliminate your acne when you locate the right treatment for your skin.

Finding the best acne treatment isn't complicated once you understand what to look for.

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Which Natural Cure For Acne Works Best?

By : Mike Marshall

Well, have you already tried all of the latest miracle acne cures on the market sold by multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetology companies? And still your acne problems persist. Have you considered trying natural acne cures but are not sure which natural cure for acne works best? There are many natural acne cures that have stood the test of time.

One of the most effective natural cures for acne is changes to your diet because whatever toxins that you put into your body by way of coffee, alcohol, chocolate, potato chips, etc. have a way of being released by your body naturally through your skin in the form of pimples. Drinking plenty of water is very helpful in flushing toxins out of your system.

There is a lot of attention paid to keeping your skin ultra clean as a natural cure for acne too. But dirt and oil on the surface of your skin is only part of the problem. The best way to get a permanent natural cure for your skin problem is to go after the root cause of acne which is toxins in your body.

One of the best natural cures for acne was developed by Chris Gibson by trial and error to rid himself of his own acne problems. His program is called Acne Free in 3 Days and has an incredible 98% success rate. It relies on both a detoxifying diet and application of a topical cream to help rid your body of the toxins that are the root cause of your acne problems.

You can learn a lot more about how to get rid of acne permanently and naturally at

If you want to become acne free, then check out the Acne Cure that I have found that does actually work.

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Learn How to Get Rid of Acne in 3 Days Or Less - Natural Way to Get Rid of Acne

By : Joseph Horn

No longer do you have to wake up every morning only to be upset because of your acne. Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to settle for those "over the counter" acne treatments. The one thing you must understand is that if you are currently using those "over the counter" treatments then you will be dependent on them forever.

The "over the counter" treatments will ONLY get rid of your acne. Because they do get rid of acne, everybody is happy and will continue to use them. The problem is that they do nothing to keep the acne from coming back. This is why you will be forced to use those products forever. The only way to get rid of acne for good is to learn how to prevent it from coming back.

If you want to prevent the acne, you must first know what is causing it. Almost all acne problems are caused by some negative reaction to your skin. Typically bacteria and the clogging of your pores will cause you to break out. Unfortunately there are some people out there that were born with "bad" skin. People like that will either have to dry or to oily of skin. Skin like that will be more likely to have an acne problem.

The only way to get rid of acne for good is to find a treatment that will get rid of the acne and treat your skin. There are now products that will do both. You can find acne products that offer some sort of moisturizer in it. You also might want to try different soaps and detergents. Sometimes the soaps will cause a negative reaction to your skin.

If you are ready to find some of the latest and easiest treatments to Get Rid Of Acne, then read on.

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