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What Are the Best Acne Treatments For You?

By : Lewis Stonham

Acne is a problem that plagues most of us through our teenage years. In some cases, it continues to be a problem into adulthood. Severe acne can actually leave very unsightly scars in the skin of the face, neck, and around the shoulder area. An outbreak of acne can interfere with having an active social life and dating, as well as possibly leading to a skin infection. So, the question on most teens' and some adults' minds is "What are the best acne treatments?"

The answer is not a simple list of products. There are different skin types that range from oily to dry. Often we may have what is known as combination skin, meaning that part is oily, and part is dry. There may even be some normal skin in the mix. It is important to know what sort of skin you have so that you can choose the proper topical solution.

Some are alcohol based. These evaporate quickly and dry the skin, therefore they can make dry skin worse. There are lotions and creams that are somewhat greasy and could add to the problem of oily skin. Sometimes, it can be confusing trying to decide which is needed because of differences in skin.

The best acne treatments are those that control and balance the production of sebum (the skin's natural oil), kill bacteria, and remove dry, dead skin cells. There are some oral medications that can be prescribed by a doctor that contain a substance known as retin-A. Some dietary supplements can be purchased without a prescription that contain the same ingredient.

There are literally hundreds of different brands of topical acne medications that are applied directly to the skin. The active ingredients vary somewhat, but the best contain a combination of ingredients to take care of the different oils and bacteria that can cause an outbreak of acne. Many even contain essential oils that have an antibiotic effect on the skin.

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