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Treatment For Low Blood Pressure

By : Lee Berke

In order to treat low blood pressure, doctors say that first you need to know the cause. In the case of chronic low blood pressure it can be treated with the help of a diet and a lifestyle change. Here are some suggestions you can follow with your diet:

Drink plenty of water - At minimum, you should drink 10 glasses of water a day, this will keep the volume of blood at good levels. Pay special attention to this tips during exercise and hot weather.

Add salt to your food. A diet high in salt promotes the increase of blood pressure. This can be helpful if you suffer from hypotension. If you have a history of heart failure it is better to discuss this with a doctor.

Have regular exercise. Set apart some time of the day to do some exercise and you'll be easily promoting blood flow.

If you suffer from postural hypotension, you should shift your posture smoothly, taking care not to stand up too quickly. Instead, consciously take some time to breathe deeply and pump your feet to allow blood circulation. If you are on the bed, sit upright on the edge and take some minutes before standing up. Some people recommend stretching the leg before standing to increase flow of blood to the heart.

Other tips to treat postural hypotension include elevating slightly the head of the bed, avoiding heavy lifting and avoiding straining when going to the toilet.

In cases of hypotension after meals, the treatment for low blood pressure would be to eat small meals more frequently and rest after each meal. Food to avoid include high carb food like pasta, bread or rice. Caffeine on the other hand can help you increase the pressure of blood.

Learn all about the symptoms of low blood pressure and get all the info you need on the subject to ensure a healthy, happy life!

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