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Trick Kids Into Healthy Eating

By : Noel Hines

Getting your children involved in all of the stages of food and healthy eating is a must. When people get actively involved with something, they more often than not come to appreciate it more and are more receptive to it. The same can be said for our children. So the more you get them involved with all aspects of food the better. They can help with things like growing, preparation and cooking.

If you have an allotment great or if you have an area set aside in your garden for planting then you will have a good place to start. Just getting them involved in planting, nurturing or picking will hopefully increase their interest and that is all that is needed for healthy eating. Even if they do the minimum like watering a part of your produce it is worth it. To see them realise the crop growing from a seed to food for the table will be priceless.

Once the crop is ready to be picked then helping with this process should again keep their interest in the process. I must state that you should try and give them something they can see as quickly as possible. And then try and make sure that they have something to pick on a regular basis so use as many different crops as possible.

After the crops are picked and you begin to prepare them for use in your kitchen you should get your kids involved in preparing a meal and eating it once it has been complete, I will give you some ideas on this later. It will definitely taste a lot better than any processed food.

It will not take much to do a small area for your personal crops and it will save you money. If you go a step further and decide to video the process it will be something you can show family and friends to give the kids added satisfaction and recognition of their achievement.

Why not hide the food you want your children to eat with in their normal food. Here is an example you can add half a shredded onion to a coleslaw whether you buy it or make it yourself. Another example is shedding carrots to add to mashed potatoes. Why not try a soup and packing it with lots of other goodies. You can do this kind of thing for all sorts of food and the kids will not realise and just ask for more.

The younger you do this idea of getting them involved with all the stages of food and using some of the ways to hide foods they think they do not like then you are well on your way to healthy eating practices.

They will be further ideas available soon.

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